Animal House Builds an Animal Shelter for a Community in Need - Playlist

Alycia and Rebecca go to Puerto Rico - Playlist

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"Bonded Dogs are separated at shelter. Months later...this happens."

Two Otters, living in hell...and then this happens.

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Animal PSAs that will make you laugh AND think - Playlist

One Animal World and Pacific Animal Society Team Up for Rescue - Playlist

​​​​Here at Animal Time TV we don't just believe in quality, family-friendly entertainment that inspires and celebrates responsible animal stewardship, we create it. Just like you, our animals are family members and we take their presence in our lives very seriously. We are dedicated to animal rescue and in working towards a safer, happier world for all animals.

As animal lovers and filmmakers, we have the skills to create programs that can make an honest difference for our animal friends.  Please join us on this unique journey to redefine animal-themed entertainment and create programming that we can all be proud to watch and support.

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