The humans of Animal Time TV are animal people - just like you and we love to watch quality, animal related programs that are entertaining, responsibly produced and those that actually help the millions of animals that are displaced every year in our society. 

We searched the world over for programs that celebrate the human / animal bond in a way that is inspirational, motivational and educational. Sadly, we came up pretty thin. Now aside from being animal people, we just so happen to be filmmakers and we've decided that it's high time that animal people had programs that speak to our hearts and reflect the dedication that we have to our animal friends. 

We look forward to providing you with original shows, behind the scenes entertainment, public service announcements (not the kind that you can barely watch), short films, feature films, etc...This is the beginning of the journey, so please bear with us as we build an online channel for you.


Do you have a Google Account? If not, please sign-up today. We will be delivering our content via YouTube and there will be certain features only available to those with a Google account. We don't want you to miss a thing! 

The creators of Animal Time TV are the same committed, animal lovers behind the upcoming series "Animal House".